Coach Patrick Scanlon


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Playing basketball at Manhattanville I didn't understand why Scanlon was always pushing me even when I thought I was going above and beyond expectations. It was because he saw something in me that most people or coaches I had in my life took for granted or looked right over. Not only did he believe in me but he was willing to do everything to help the team win on and OFF THE COURT.  I am fortunate and grateful for his guidance, compassion, and most importantly believing in me while I was a player and student at Manhattanville. Thank you coach. - John, Manhattanville  '07 

My boys and I have been fortunate enough to work with Pat  over the past 4 years. He is an amazing communicator to young athletes and his coaching style creates an energetic positive learning environment that instills confidence.  He has always been challenging at the appropriate level for my boys skill level. To me, Pat's most valuable asset as a coach and teacher is the level of respect and compassion he always conveys to me and my boys. - Renato

When you meet Pat you see him as a quiet guy, he may even seem shy. He is quiet because he is thinking and digesting and taking in his surroundings to see exactly how he is going to take his next step. This is one focused individual. Pat is smart, fast, calculating, hard punching and most of all has the will and the heart to win! If I had a team of Pat's I would probably be the winningest coach in boxing history. - Coach Ryan - Champs Boxing Club