A one day 1on1 basketball tournament!  Test your 1on1 prowess in age/skill appropriate level, tournament competition!  

It’s fun and challenging. One of the best ways to improve is through 1on1.

Playing 1on1 forces you to compete and challenges you physically and mentally. 

Come get a great workout and have fun testing yourself! 

When and where?
Saturday, June 11, 2022 
From 8am-3pm at Greenwich Country Day School

How is it split up?
Age groups (for school year ‘22-’23):
5th and 6th grade
7th and 8th grade
High School
40 and over

Gold Bracket and Silver Bracket

Group Play leads to tournament

We will crown an ISO Champ in each bracket and age group

Will there be a girls bracket?
We will host one in the Fall for girls.

How many games will I play?
A minimum of 4 (3 group play and everyone makes the tournament)

What is the cost and what do I get?

Minimum of 4 games
Chance to compete and win the highly coveted (slight exaggeration!) ISO BOWL
Live DJ, raffles and bagels/drinks

Where can I register?

At the top of the page or through email (see below)

To register for THE ISO BOWL or questions, please email:
Email TeamDSLbasketball@gmail.com

Coach Patrick Scanlon